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Nowhere to appeal unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling

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The Friday Letter / Issue # 184 – Revised July 2 with an attempt to clarify Obama’s ever-changing position

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
– Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto on the battleship Nagato, following the attack on Pearl Harbor

Stephen Combs / The Federalist Review

Lawyers had barely finished their oral arguments before the Supreme Court on March 28 when the Left began a noisy and very public lobbying of Chief Justice John Roberts to uphold government takeover of health care. It worked. (more…)

Rubio: Obama claims tax increase as a victory

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Remarks of U.S. Senator Marcio Rubio, Republican of Florida, to Fox News Channel shortly after the Supreme Court upheld the mandatory purchase of health insurance On June 28.

I think it’s telling that a victory for the Obama Administration means a middle class tax increase. (more…)

Masters of incrementalism

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Regardless of how those teases at the Supreme Court finally rule, if anyone doubts the Left has won at least a partial victory in taking over health care, listen to what Republicans are saying about Obamacare: Let’s keep the “good” parts. (more…)

Obama’s constituency: snookered again

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Stephen Combs / The Federalist Review

President Obama’s order granting amnesty to certain illegal aliens should leave black voters wondering, what is he doing to us? That is, if they were paying attention. Our guess is they are not, but what else is new? Obama got 96% of their vote in 2008. What’s he trying to do, drive it down to 92? (more…)

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